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Blog Candidature spontanée
photo illustrative d'Octos en train de travailler

Technical Leader.

* Il n'y a pas de date de publication, nos postes sont valables toute l'année.



Are you a software craftsman or craftswoman, who thinks that even with several years of experience, one can still learn and be challenged ?

So, read carefully what follows!

  • You are a software craftsman or craftswoman, with at least 6 years of experience, who enjoys improving your art of software engineering, and you keep trying to find better ways to operate, your willingness to share with others knows no limits.
  • You master one or several languages (Java, Node.js, Kotlin, Python…) and you are experienced in different paradigms : object-oriented, functional. Likewise, you have good listening skills, and you are passionate about knowledge sharing, and new technologies.
  • Passionate, versatile, and a willing to join a wonderful human adventure
  • Aiming for excellence, you are customer oriented, but you are not afraid to challenge their solutions, if they’re not the most suitable
  • You want to challenge yourself and contribute to a community of experts, for whom evolution of practices and continuous learning is particularly important.
  • You are curious about various IT fields of applications, such as : web, mobile, Cloud, IoT…
  • You have a soft spot for agile methodologies
  • You want to become a well-known  IT expert and to participate and hold conferences / talks, produce technical content and documentation
  • You will be able to extend your technical expertise to its maximum, or if you prefer, develop other skills such as : mentoring/management, architecture, consulting, business development, head of client projects, etc.
  • You will also have, if you want to, the possibility of being a part of OCTO’s sociocracy
  • Bonus : You can also get involved in projects related to Green IT: digital service eco-design, accessibility, and such !


OCTO takes part in assignments on digital transformation (digital factory, solutions creation / customized applications, advice on architecture…), we work in accordance with agile methodologies and we are differentiated by our expertise and our way of going about things.

Your tasks :

  • You work with the development team on the software quality. Your practices : TDD, code review, pair programming, DDD…
  • Technical expert, you code with the team and you carry the technical vision of the product
  • You intervene into ecosystems you like : web-front, mobile apps, backend API, Fullstack, etc.
  • You guide and train team members (including internal clients) : you are attentive and you help the developers 
  • You pay attention to continuous improvement by being proactive. For instance, you organize and lead retrospectives…
  • You interact with developers, tradespersons, managers, so you can facilitate and make the project management process more fluid.

You are responsible for the excellency of the project management, with all the team involved !


But what we are looking for, above all, are personalities who will enrich OCTO.

We recognize them by their drive to participate in improving the life inside the company, to build the vision and offers of tomorrow, to share their knowledge to facilitate mutual upskill.

To join, finally, a community who isn’t afraid to assert its individuality.

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